It’s time to take your place at the crease again with Topps Cricket Attax 2013 Collection, the 100% official PEPSI-IPL trading card game!



This exciting game of strategy and skill will really test your knowledge of the IPL and bring you closer to the league’s superstars than ever before. The 2013 collection has all the latest super-stars of the game with updated stats and a new product line, with an All NEW starter pack!



The 2013 collection has 6 new stats to play more games with. Your favourite stars have also been assigned new categories befitting their performance. Look for all this and more information in the new starter pack!


What’s more you can also play with the nation and pit your dream team against others in the Cricket Attax National Championships! So don’t just watch IPL, play it with Topps Cricket Attax!

§  Download the complete check list of all the cards in the Cricket Attax 2013 collection and keep a track of your collection!


 Download (PDF, 568 KB)



 §  Want to keep score of your Cricket Attax game? Download the scorecard and record your innings in style!



 Download (PDF, 568 KB)